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Poor service all around?

So I've been getting really bad reception on my Mogul (and my LG Fusic) in Chicago of all places, so I contacted Sprint, and this is what I was told:

5:43:42 PM Landis Where are you experiencing trouble?
5:43:55 PM You Zhou Chicago, I'm at the University of Chicago
5:43:59 PM You Zhou Zip 60637
5:45:19 PM You Zhou I get 0 signal in the wierdest of places: out in the middle of Bartlett Quads, I get no reception. In my dorm room I get no reception, in the library, gym, pretty much anytime I go indoors, my signal automatically drops even if other people still get 2-3 bars.
5:46:42 PM Landis I apologize. Sprint does not guarantee service in structures.

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