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I'm searching for a voice-notetaking program ??

Hello together

I try to explain what I'm looking for:

During the day there is often the need to make a short voicenotice of an idea or an task. For that there a several progs on the market.
But I want to use the left and right softkey for two diff. additional things:
one Softkey in a way to bring up the voicenotice in 5 or 15 or whatever minutes or in an hourback as a reminder with alarm.
the second softkey to bring the voicenotice as a task or date in my calander for the next day or next week. Selection on the softkeys by dropdowns.

I think these efforts are useful in the daily work of my Treo and perhaps also for some other people here in the forum.

Who knows a proggy or better a person to create such a proggy.

Thx in advance.
Walter from HMC
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