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Re: None of my hard buttons work????

Originally Posted by shaggylive View Post
I would recomend going to the store, they should fix/replace for free if you have TEP, and it's not water marked or smashed up too bad. calling the store doesn't do much good other than to find out if/when a tech's there and how busy they are. (I think at the store near me they will even take "reservations", but I usually drop off and come back in an hour or 2 and it's waiting for me.

I say usually, but I really don't have that many problems with phones.
i do have TEP, it is a matter of getting there. the last time i went there the tech was working until 5, i got there at 4 and he already left for the day/week. they share the same tech with the stores in my area (2) and he travels where ever they need him. i cant go with out my phone and i cant take a day off to get my phone looked at and then they tell me they dont have one. i called the store to see when the tech was there and told them my problem they directed me to the insurance company and told me to have a nice day. basically they do not want to see me or my phone in their store. i am going there tomorrow and switching back to my blade until the tech can look at my phone and get me a new one.
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