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where to put my HTC6800 up for sale?

hi all

where can i put my hacked Bell HTC6800 for sale and how much is it worth?

I'm changing carriers and getting a new phone so I have no use for this one.

It's a TITAN100 running a sprint firmware on Bell Mobility and:
ROM: dcd 3.2.0
Radio: 3.35.04
HW ver: 0003
PRL ver: 31396
PRI ver: 1.27_007

How can I deactivate this phone myself?

The option ##748# does not seem to work since I changed to a sprint firmware.... What will happen iof I bring it to bell to have it deactivated and sell it to someone? Will they be able to activate it on a new account?

how does that work?

thanks for the help...

Bell PPC-6800 with Personaly created MotoGP Theme
DCD 3.2.0
Apps: Garmin Mobile XT, GPS Viewer, KeePassPPC, Google Maps, PHM Reg Editor, SPB Backup.PocketPlus