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Re: None of my hard buttons work????

Originally Posted by s4n3_0n3 View Post
what rom are you on cause the rom i cooked up has that same problem all i did to fix it is go to the today screen press the messaging button / then the internet explorer /comm manager / camera / and what ever the other one is called under ok then go to start / settings / personal /buttons/ and make sure that all the buttons are asighned to something if not asign each one your self well thats what happen to me and thats how i fixed it hope this helps you

they are all assigned and it is an official htc rom. it was their last rom and just updated today to the new one. still the same problem. i just got off the phone with sprint again, and i am ready to tell them to go to hell with everything. i have had them ever since they came to this area, almost 9 years ago, guess that customer loyalty means nothing to them.
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