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Verizon XV6900 with fast GPS lock *SOLUTION*

Hi all, I believe I have find a way to do this. First of all, I can't really take credit for this as I didn't invent these registry hack. All credits should go to the people in this thread: Update verizon PRI and Sprint AGPS I simply consolidate what's been discussed, and singles out what's working and what's not.

So let's begin. First off, I am using a Verizon XV6900, installed Coke's 2.31 unlocker, and flashed the radio to the Sprint latest (3.42.30). I also cook my own rom using PPCKitchen's 20270 Vogue rom. If you need instruction on how to do this, please read the according threads.

Now with a freshly cooked xv6900 (with no other gps tweaks or software from the kitchen), I do these 2 reg hacks:

change from 2 to 4

You may also change the ip address of the agps server as discussed in the thread I linked above, but that's the extra as changing the ip does NOT solve the lock problem.

After you make the registry edit and restart your phone, go back and check that those 2 registries are actually changed/added. I am using Resco Explorer and it's regeditor, and I find out if after I make the change and don't close down the editor before I restart, the changes are not saved. And if the regedit is not saved, it won't do anything for you, and you end up having a phone with non-working gps even you think you have changed the registry. So, before you do anything else, just double check your registry and make sure you have the correct value in it.

Now, all I do is install Google map, the latest version, and on a first lock, it takes about 20 seconds. I am now located about 50 miles from NYC and it seems to be working well indoors. Can't guarantee it works for everybody, maybe I just got lucky, but this is what I want to share with all other Verzion users.

Good luck.