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Re: Verizon Carrier GPS still not working?

As for your GPS problem, in order to get a fix you obviously need to be in the open. Is GPS Viewer returning data or is it not connecting? If it's continously returning "$GPSA,A,1,,,,,,,,,,,," and etc, then it's probably a radio issue and not something with your settings

Try making sure that Location Settings is turned on under Phone settings, Services. Also I have my "manage GPS automatically" turned on. Try to see if that helps.
yes all I'm getting is "$GPSA,A,1,,,,,,,,,,,," and etc. Manage GPS is checked off and Locaion for phone settings is on as well.

Is your phone unlocked .41 and 2.31.? If none of this rings a bell - that's the reason
I had to unlock the phone to update the ROM to dcd's ROM...

One odd thing though. Although i never get an actual fix on GPS Viewer.. I did notice that one of the lines that scrolled by did have some numbers after it.. say one out of 10 lines would have it.. I click on the GPS Status tab and over the North "N" letter on the picture of the earch it will show a number.. liek a 4.. then below that on the lines.. like right now I have a 23 in a red box over a 3 and to the right of that I have a 24 in a redbox over a 4. I'll get a few more then they clear out.. Is that normal?
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