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Re: Development: Let's Compare our ProvXML's!

Originally Posted by rstoyguy View Post
With the new sprint roms there are I think 4 mxipupdate_operators_?.provxml.

My question is, if I make a mxip_operators_5.provxml, will it overwrite/supercede the other 4? I not that good with xml, and editing/deleteing settings in 0-3, I've messed my rom up (make 1 tiny error in syntax, the whole xml is toast). Would that be a safer way to go? And in theory it should work right?!

edit: And aceszhigh, can you change the color of your code so we can see it better with the marvel background?
I think that they should supersede any of the earlier provxmls. I see it just like the rgu files and how the ones that start with zzz are loaded last. One of my provxml files starts like mxipupdate_zzzbattery lol