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Question Titan Device Lock questions

I've become a huge fan of trackme since getting my mogul, but it needs to keep the phone running constantly. Thanks to scratch-built roms and power-saving apps I've found her I've gotten things to the point where the battery at least lasts the day, but I need some help keeping the device running and *LOCKED*.

Issue 1: The mogul power button seems to remain active even when the device is locked. Under 'Key lock settings' there's an option to 'lock keys when device is locked' but this actually does not apply to the power button. Is there ANY way to disable this button? I'd be ok with permanently disabling it via a reghack if anyone knows the key to it.

Issue 2: SPB Mobile Shell allows you to map 'Lock Device' to a softkey. I would LOVE to be able to do this without memory-hungry SPBMS. Im familiar with other softkey mappers, but they seem to only be able to reference applications, not WM6's 'lock' function. Is there an app or script that simply invokes the device lock?

Thanks in advance for any help!
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