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Re: help mogul freezes after weatherpanel install

well i did find 1 work around that did the trick untill i redid my rom if this problem is the same as mine.
1. install weatherpanel DON'T RESTART PPC.
2. backup registry you may have to just export all weatherpanel entries as most backup progz reboot to backup.
3. know uninstall weatherpanel run any cleaner program if you wish (i did not)
4. reboot ppc (NOTICE this should be the first time this is done)
5. restore registry NOT ANY PROGRAM FILES
6. now try to install weatherpanel you should get an error saying it is already installed the other version will be uninstall ignore click ok and continue
7. you should get another error saying uninstall was unsuccessful continue anyways when done do not personalize yet just reboot and all should be good.

ps this is my new rom, 2 main things i took out is SqlCeMobile 3.5 and funcontacts and it works fine no extra steps.

SelectedAnimSplashImage=240x320,ScribbleRaysGreenm p_481.gif
SelectedMainSplashImage=320x320,6.1_welcomehead.96 .png
0cfc3dc0-5fbc-4153-9ce9-72df4d8c2922, True, OE Games
6327354b-cf17-4539-92f4-c590558d3b46, True, OE Games
2401a89d-1c1a-448a-b204-051d1866e37f, True, OE Games
6dea1fb5-657b-41de-b282-d3ee7c6c149c, True, OE Games
60fa7e75-fb9b-45c0-b99c-16d9182e9f72, True, Transcriber
5f9ca691-2a85-4db5-b6a0-ce35ef2618dc, True, Transcriber
f778638a-d209-4ee6-adb1-ad8e122d3685, True, Transcriber
fffffffe-1fcb-4380-ab20-d888bd7fac7e, True, Alltel
cf98ac92-e866-4d14-a90c-d8ab926e2d18, True, HTC OEM Camera 4
ffffffff-2691-4188-8a8a-1617ca0b32d3, True, ie Res
26316bb8-c258-11db-8314-0800200c9a66, True, Ms PacMan
25865771-b284-11db-abbd-0800200c9a66, True, 1-Calc Lite
7184721f-20f2-4ec3-8f3b-f9ae8084fd28, True, Adobe Flash Lite
1de581e4-ea1f-11db-8314-0800200c9a66, True, Adobe Flash Player
fffffff1-676d-4530-b7e4-9d895a2e3e52, True, AdobeReaderLE.2_00_288531
4fbb07f0-eae6-11db-8314-0800200c9a66, True, AllMobileMines
addc540c-db56-4ab2-bc7d-b74e25f53065, True, Arcsoft MMS
00baf61c-e3a7-4e67-82aa-319a299556a6, True, Chess
0cffe7c3-1a47-4bef-b78b-a89995fad25e, True, ClearStorage
1395ef48-b921-11db-8314-0800200c9a66, True, ClearTemp
ffff257e-cd05-41bb-bb39-232aac902d6f, True, Comm Manager (10-Button) (TITAN & Vogue)
a015b78f-0ea3-4025-b63a-dd645a741616, True, Cyberon Voice Commander
31ddb480-ea5d-11db-8314-0800200c9a66, True, Dopewars
6b2f9ad0-f5a6-11db-8314-0800200c9a66, True, dotFred Task Manager
4e0550c0-eae9-11db-8314-0800200c9a66, True, Freecell
c60d1ebf-5427-44b0-935a-7ea4ee1e543a, True, Frogger
d344fafb-3feb-40a7-8f84-19c40f5dfc7b, True, FTouchFlo
ffffffff-859d-41db-a1d2-bbbdde1be500, True, Google Maps
26a9f7e6-ea5c-11db-8314-0800200c9a66, True, Microsoft Hearts
fffffff5-676d-4530-b7e4-9d895a2e3e52, True, HTC Enlarge Start Menu
ffffffff-f923-46f1-82d1-ce667fb10c88, True, HTC Large Title Bar
3d18a254-0013-47f5-b6dd-cf10b605a2bd, True, HTC Smartdialing
a1e1179f-6986-46c3-aa22-831aca9a0c7c, True, HTC WMP Skin
ffffffff-0f15-45a4-aa91-fabb612bcaa8, True, HTC_Task_Manager (Large Button)
26316bc7-c258-11db-8314-0800200c9a66, True, Kevtris
ffffffff-ee3c-4a7b-b75c-1e76953fe3df, True, no2chem advanced settings
f1d746e0-97d9-48a2-b9ca-84886fd5488a, True, BT FTP
ffffffff-76c4-4a72-804b-a880269c13ea, True, nueTools Base Package
ffffffff-5f62-4df0-9497-bbb6cdb809a6, True, nuePerformance
ffffffff-70ca-4b68-afec-b23de5452c32, True, nueThreadedSMSControl
ffffffff-73f1-46d7-b7fb-02d57ae145f1, True, Set Scrollbar Thickness at 9
1ad40d0e-60c5-46a5-a705-2c504b368404, True, HTC Sliding Sound
5f86088f-7e4b-4f3d-8b34-76b8a6bebe0e, True, Office Excel
c87af325-6bb0-4ecf-a662-47cda75d339b, True, Office Powerpoint
b495431f-6792-4461-a0cc-c9b7f5b47611, True, Office Word
2f863e61-941d-4fb6-bcdf-35bf606e613a, True, OneNote
d83b7202-2af0-4199-af12-d073bc63732f, True, OneNote
7919f0c6-231d-49bf-bf52-10f67696c893, True, Oxios Memory
1c5996fe-1d68-11dc-8314-0800200c9a66, True, Pocket Sand
19694bf2-1d69-11dc-8314-0800200c9a66, True, Pocket Sudoku
e92e59fc-18b2-4542-bed7-bcbc98945078, True, Pocket Snake (Guss)
6326f5e2-b93e-11db-8314-0800200c9a66, True, psShutXP
661add40-1d68-11dc-8314-0800200c9a66, True, Rubik
ffffffff-8326-4910-9ad6-3bc1e6f92a47, True, Slide2Unlock including Slide2View
3bd487a8-eafe-11db-8314-0800200c9a66, True, BL Black Keyboard Skin
e28cb40b-183a-4661-b168-a9044a7c755b, True, BlueFrog BigButton Dialer
ffffffff-f231-4e5c-9cf9-b9cbfc8778ed, True, Slide 2 Play
ffffffff-8e69-4755-b8d9-9ebb8c6ac265, True, Sprite Backup
94dc3fbb-4369-4207-be09-44dc5493b912, True, StartClean
ffffffff-ea8f-4fd7-93ac-f93bf6e980c7, True, Startup Animation (NOT for Apache)
ffffffee-f283-4846-a951-f3346ff4d731, True, Tier Autoinstall
3a3d5b47-100c-4c3a-a0ce-1b84f6dc8dde, True, TripYzee
2d91230e-a5e0-4707-b8ec-515b2abc9d0e, True, CrossWords
52159aaf-13cd-4ce0-8c33-e7d63b6bd5c6, True, Yahoo Go
ffffffff-dc24-4078-ac84-e78d32075176, True, mem and bat bar

p.s. by the way if your problem is the same when your phone freezes wait about 30 sec and open the keyboard. it will still be froze but your today screen will be displayed.

P.s.s. i fixed s2u2 and s2v oem if any one had troubles
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