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MusicFlo 1.22 - Updated August 27, 08

Introducing MusicFlo
Last Updated 8-27-08: 3:56 PM GMT-6

Version 1.22 changes
-fixed clock
-removed Weather Auto Update
-fixed restart-startup error
-fixed various other small bugs

Version 1.21 changes:
-Contact screen bug fix

If you have already upgraded to 1.2, you can replace the EXE with the one below, otherwise use the CAB.

Version 1.2 changes
-Clock uses graphics (found in \Icons\Numbers)
-lower memory usage
-faster start-up
-9 contacts per page
-new graphics ( thanks to chriscsh and poorlyduck)
-button press animations
-Top bar with date and tab info
-contact picture centering
-tab transitions
-3 configurable cities for weather (Dallas,TX, Paris, France and Tokyo Japan
are default)
-5 day forecast for each city
-Automatic Weather Update (30 min, 1 Hour, 2 Hours, 6 Hours, 1 Day)
-2 home screens; 1 clock and messages, 1 clock and calendar
-stays on top of Today screen
-ringer on/off/vibrate selection panel
-control panel with access to comm manager, Today screen, Phone settings,
backlight strength, Task Manager, toggle buttons for BT and Wifi, and an Exit
Application button (no more double-taps)
-You no longer need to seperately install the HTC Apps. They are included
-Full screen music controls
-editable page names
-Time changes with TimeZone
-customizable startup animation
-xml commented documentation

Unfortunately this version is so drastically different from the previous version a full install is required.

Things in the next big release:
-Landscape mode

New Feature instructions:
-Tap left side of status/top bar for Control Panel
-Swipe down on the Control Panel to slide it down
-Tap middle-right side of status/top bar for ringer controls
-tap far right side of status/top bar for system information (thanks to
-Tap left or right side of Weather Tab to cycle through the three cities
-Tap the middle of weather tab to go between CUrrent and 5-day forecast
-Tap Home Slider to go between Clock/Messages and 5-day tree-view calendar
-Tap Appointments on the 5-day calendar to pop-up details about the event
-Tap and hold on the top bar to change the name of the page

I'll try and get a video up tomorrow. Enjoy!

Version 1.011 changes:
- signal bars fixed
- Program "Clear" button moved to allow re-assignment without clearing.

Version 1.01 bug fixes:
- signal bars tweaked for accuracy
- favorite up/down buttons fixed

New CAB and new EXE + system.png added.

If you have already installed and don't want to lose your settings, replace your MusicFlo.exe and place system.png in \Icons folder of MusicFlo.

Okay, couple of updates:

New status bar that not only displays information, but provides new functionality.
Status bar displays: Signal strength (up to 5 bars), Carrier name, Wifi Power status, BT Power status, Data connection status, ring profile (on, vibrate, off), and battery level

If you tap on:
Signal strength up to Wifi - opens CommManager.exe
BT to Ringer Profile - cycles through profiles (on -> vibrate -> off)
Battery - Opens Powerexe.exe

Home screen now displays next Calendar Appointment. Tap it to open calendar.exe, OR add <Calendar ref="Path to Your Calendar Program"/> to data.xml for it to open a different Calendar program

Tap on the Slider in the Home Position to open TaskMgr.exe, OR add <TaskMan ref="Path to Your Task Manager"/> to data.xml to have it open your own task manager.
Also added a "Clear" Button for Contacts and Programs that will reset the selected button.

Bug Fixes:
- Memory Leaks
- Program Button image duplication
- SMS error on newly assigned contacts
- Other system bugs
- Smaller icons for better performance
- Battery Meter

Next update will include:
- Skinnable Clock on Home Screen

Alright, I've had a couple of weeks to work out the bugs and to implement most of the suggestions you guys gave me.
So, here is the new and improved MusicFlo

Get Icon from most programs
Suppports png transparency for Program Icons
Fully customizable graphics (all pics found in \Program Files\MusicFlo)
Size and position of Program and Contact buttons now on config.xml
Try it out and let me know what you think!
The CAB will overwrite the original MusicFlo, so no uninstall necessary.
You still need the two HTC apps in your Windows folder if you don't have them already.

Not on video: Open S2P by clicking the album art on the Control Panel.

Original Post:
Making Cube Skins is fun for a while, but then you realize that you are just prettying up someone elses program, and who knows what changes that program will go through in just a few months. So I decided to give programming my own "Cube" a shot.
I listened to what people were asking for with the Cubes. Here's what most of you said you wanted:

- more icons
- a changable background
- more than one contact page
- web favorites
- general information on one side

So I set out with that in mind, MusicFlo has four individual screens.

One for General info which includes:
- a TouchFlo 2 style clock
- notifications for new email, text messages, missed calls, and voicemail

One for programs with TouchFlo style interface (up to 9 pages of 9 buttons each)

One for contacts with TouchFlo Style interface (up to 9 pages of 6 contacts each)

One for Favorites with the ability to take a screenshot of the web page for "Visual Favorites" (up to 9 pages of 4 Favs each)

The configuration is built into each screen. Simply tap and hold to make the buttons start to shake, then tap the button you would like to configure, or tap the background to change the background image and change how many program, contact, or favorite buttons you would like.

This is my first programming work, so please let me know what you think. I am pleased with what I have accomplished. I know it's not much compared to other programs out there, but if you're looking for a simple, fast, non-memory-hogging FREE Application/Contact/Favorite launcher, I think you'll like MusicFlo.

I want to thank up2no6ood for creating the icon style for MusicFlo. Without him the icons would be boring.

Technical stuff:
MusicFlo calls two programs that are built in to most HTC ROMs, MakePhoneCall.exe and MakeVMail.exe. If you don't have these programs installed, download the and unzip both programs into your Windows directory on your phone.

MusicFlo can be edited directly from the Program, or by editing data.xml in the \Program Files\MusicFlo folder. The very first entry is called "Browser". Change it if you use something other than Pie for your web browsing.
Only add buttons through the program itself. Adding entries in the xml file won't do anything, and it could mess you up later on, so only add buttons (Progs, Contacts, Favs) through the program interface. I'll try and get a YouTube video up later for a walk-through.

ENJOY! I know I am!

P.S. - For quick access I use AEButton Plus to change the long press of my dpad button to MusicFlo.

P.P.S.- Added Icon Pack (

P.P.P.S. - To make MusicFlo open with a swipe up (ROMs with Cubes only) move MusicFlo.exe to Windows folder and rename to Biotouch.exe
Update 5/27/08 - fixed functionality for programs on Storage Cards
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