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Re: Switching between landscape and portrait slowdowns

Originally Posted by lucky644 View Post
To the guy who said 'learn to say thank you'

I would, except that my problem wasn't resolved. That reminds me of people who expect tips whether they deserve them or not.

It's still way slower than I'd expect when switching, even on a fresh install of WM.
try this

hklm/system/gdi/glyphcache set the cache size to 32768

hklm/system/storage manager/fatfs set the cache size to 4069

hklm/system/storage manager/filters/fsreplxfilt set the replstoragecache to 4069

and that should help you out if not let me know and i have some thing else that will help make it alot faster

ohh yeah i forgot to add after you do all that soft reset the phone and go back to all of them and make sure that they stayed at what i told you to change them to if not do it all over again it usually stays the first time but not always once it stays then there you go you should notice a diffrence in the speed and make sure that active sync is not running it takes up alot of memory and makes your phone run slow and dont run to many things on your today screen cause that slows down the from switching from landscape to portrait let me know how it works out >>>>>

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