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Re: HTC6800 today screen MESSED UP HELP!!

Originally Posted by austin29803 View Post

So I was going through my contacts and went to use the side wheel on my HTC6800, but the scroll wheel kept controlling my volume instead of just scrolling like it's supposed to. So I turned the phone off and back on, and now it shows in the upper right my Connectivity, Signal, Volume, and Battery. It used to show my Connectivity, Signal, Volume, and Time. Now the time is in the same menu as the Date.

How do I get it back to how it was before??? I didn't change a thing. And yes, I already tried restarting it again.
okay i got everything first install this if you dont allready have it

then you will have to do this to get the time out of the date plugin on your today screen

Today screen, Single line date


i found that here Reg tweaks [07/15/2007 rev.2]

now to remove the battery icon from thetop bar do this

How to hide the battery icon from the top bar
You'd need to add a DWORD ShowTitleBarBattery with value 1 in the registry entry:

that i found here

i know cause i had the same problem and this is what i did if you have any questions just ask me and ill be glad to help >>>>>>
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