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Re: How to get rid of the famous "White Spots" on your Titan

Originally Posted by SprintTouch08 View Post
The mogul was a POS when it came out with 64mb RAM anyways. They designed it around WM5 and simply skimped on changing out the $5 chip and figured let the customer deal with the low memory. Sketchy, but you can deal with it (not myself)

The screen is inexcusable. Its very clearly a defect in the screen, but i promise you will never ever see Sprint or HTC address it. The mogul is going EOL pretty soon with the Touch Pro coming out to replace it and Sprint/HTC already have your money so they really couldnt care less at this point.

take the touch youll be much happier. The mogul could have been great but they really screwed it up bad in critical areas. Ill deal with no keyboard for now to have a non-crappy device.
i agree with you. The Titan could of been so much better if it had the same amount of ram as the Touch or more ram. I'd say 256mb since the touch has 128mb.
What is going on with the screen white spots and the whole video driver issues is inexcusable. I'm taking the touch and will place the leaked 6.1 of WM on it. I dont like custom roms, they tend to take stuff out that i like like Windows Live and if i down load it from ms it does not include messenger since only sprint can decided if they want the windows live with messenger. i use live to backup my contacts. Though i have been using