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Lightbulb How to get rid of the famous "White Spots" on your Titan

Ok i have devised 2 ways to once and for all get rid of the famous "white spots" on the mogul once and for all.

1. take sledge hammer to phone.... (just kidding)

2. get over to your local coporate sprint repair store
2a. Speak with the Store manager
2b. Explaine like i did how i am on my third mogul and it has the same issue
2c. When store manager says its a known problem and all have the issue tell the manager to get you into a phone that does not have the issue like the Touch or Q9c (non touch screen)
2d. Reason with them that there is no way htc designed the phone with the white spot
2e. Sprint is now replacing the mogul for me with the touch. Should get it next week.