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Re: activesync old information to new phone

If you set up a partnership with the new phone it won't matter activesync will put your information on the new phone. contacts and calender appointments... u just have to set up the initial partnership with the new phone... This is the same thing if you flash another rom to your same phone and it gets wiped out. Once the partnership is setup it will sync the data to your new phone. To get old programs that you installed from the pc to the phone. connect the phone to the pc with activesync and once the connection is established go to tools in activesync and click add/remove programs anything you want to put back on the new phone that u installed previously through an exe that used activesync to put on the phone will show up in the add/remove programs list just put a checkmark in the boxx's to have them set up on the new phone.

Sorry for the long post. But I have been there and know how it feels to have a naked phone. The renaming the phone to the same name will not re-establish the same partnership even if its the same exact phone, model, activesync must store some file on the phone somewhere that it looks for to pair it up and identify it other then the name. I have tried with no luck after flashing the same exact phone rom to my phone, heck even a hard reset will wipe the partnership. You just have to setup a new one and it will re-sync all your data and contacts as long as it is still on the pc.
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