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Re: Bell 6800 bad battery life

Hard for me to answer that since I had been dealing with a funky battery for a couple months of my own doing... with that battery I could just about make it through a day with my "normal" usage as I will detail like this :

- approximately 100 text msgs (all-inclusive incoming/outgoing)
- approximately 30 minutes of voice time
- approximately 1 hour of web-surfing time (cumulative)
- a game or two of sudoku or bubble breaker in the bathroom at work LOL
- wifi off
- bluetooth off
- two email accounts actively checking for new POP mail (one account checks every 15 mins, the other every 2 hours)
- data connection kept live 24/7
- backlight at 60% - auto-off feature set for 2 minutes of idle time
- constantly running apps :
# VITO SMS-Chat 1.1
# SPB Mobile Shell 2.1 (weather set to auto-update)
# SPB Diary Today Plugin

- and I get HORRIBLE cel reception in my office.. the data connection drops and reconnects several times throughout the day so big battery sucker being here at work.

Now I've recently upgraded to the Seidio 3500mAh extended battery and I've only been charging via the wall charger and its been lasting me about 3 1/2 days with that same usage. Since they claim it's double the lifespan, I would assume that the stock battery SHOULD last me about 1 3/4 days if I began charging it appropriately.
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