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Bell 6800 bad battery life

Hi folks, can't seem to figure this one out, i think it might be something with the way the battery is being charged, but not sure. Anyway here goes:

I am running 3.49.NO2.5066 with radio 3.35.04 on a bell 6800. This bell 6800 is being used on the MTS network in Manitoba.

I had a full battery before i did the update from stock to the latest NO2CHEM rom, and radio, GPS enabled of course, and battery life was great for a couple of days. Now when i charge the phone to 100%, it drains down to nothing in 4 hours. It does this even after a hard reset, and i am guessing it is either from bad charge info being relayed to the battery, and there for it is maybe at 10% even when reporting 100%. Or some part of the phone is constantly trying to access something.

Direct push is disabled, WiFi is off, bluetooth off, and no programs are accessing the GPS.

When i Kitchened the rom, all i added were vibrating dial, word, excel, powerpoint, adobe, flash support, Grey theme, 10 button comm manager.

I made sure to select bell as my carrier (even though i am on MTS), and everything else i can think of.

Because it works for a day or 2 properly, it leads me to believe it is a charging issue. BUT, i can charge the battery seperately in the cradle to a full charge and it does the same thing. I have the 2400 maH battery installed, and the stock one on hand (it does the same thing)

Let me know if there are any other ideas.


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