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Re: Ok so I tried to update my ROM...NOW I NEED HELP ASAP!

Dude, I think you are mixing apples and oranges together. If you are using an HTC update for a sprint phone, then I dont think you should be accessing material from this site.... let me elaborate (and I may be wrong) ... The software on this site uses unloclkers to hack the radio version and allow upgrading the OS ROM to a cooked or custom OS. The file you downloaded from the HTC site for your SPRING phone would run by itself and do all o the needed updates to keep YOUR SPRING phone to HTC and SPRINT specs. If you UNLOCKED the phone and updated the bootloader to the UNLOCKED version then I DO NOT believe the origion SPRING / HTC software will load correctly if even at all as it is looking for the origional Sprint Bootloader. If in essence you did not mess with the bootloader from here then this is problem for the HTC / SPRINT team/Site to help debug. there may be people here that can help but make sure you tell them you are using origional software and not cooked roms or kitchens as these will not work unles you updated the bootloader. If you updated the bootloader and are trying to go back to the origional then i think you need to relock the bootloader.

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