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Hello. need help with active sync please!! Can't sync phone.

I need some help with active sync please. I am trying to do the upgrade available on the HTC US website but need to back up my contacts. I try and sync it with my desktop and / or laptop. It goes through all the steps, makes it look like it is transferring files, then at the end, I get a red exclamation point saying there was a synchronization issue. I have tried just sync'ing the contacts, all of the options, and multiple combinations. It even goes through the files, i.e.. 1 of 7 -> 2 of 7, etc.... In the end, the files and contacts are unavailable on my computers but stay on my phone. It is a Sprint HTC Mogul TiTan (ppc6800/xv6800). PC OS is Windows XP professional.
ROM vers: 2.09.651.3 date:6/14/07 radio vers: 1.32.0 protocol vers:acaaaam-4070 hardware vers:003 browser: msie 6.0

Also, anyone able to tell me how to get the new win mob 6.1 or 7? Thanks in advance for your help.
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