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SRS WOW HD sound for vogue

I have SRS WOW HD sound working on my Vouge/Touch with 6.1 -- sort of.

Read here:

Unfortunately it only works through my S9 bluetooth headset -- sounds excellent. I have not figured out the reg edits to get sound working everywhere else.

I'm hoping someone can give me some help.

Here's what I have installed from the thread above:


Please view the read me file which is cut and paste from XDA.

Here's some info on SRS WOW HD:

SRS WOW HD is designed to deliver the best quality sound for stereo or mono media played back over stereo or mono speaker systems and headphones. It is based on SRS Labs’ award-winning SRS WOW technology which is featured in the Microsoft Windows Media Player and licensed by hundreds of digital audio player, television, and consumer electronics manufacturers worldwide. SRS WOW HD goes a step beyond WOW by delivering a new purity to
sound with a cleaner, livelier audio quality, advanced bass enhancement for fatter low frequency bass and an incredibly innovative “center” control to place center information (such as vocals or musical instruments) in the stereo mix in the forefront or toward the back, in a delicate balance with the 3D stereo width control. This patented dual control of the stereo image truly delivers the industry’s best stereo audio enhancement technology.

As I mentioned, the only sound working for me is through bluetooth. Uninstalling the cab restores sound.

Thanks for any help. This seems like it could be a great upgrade if someone could get it working properly.

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