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QA Tester? Or, OEM Builder?

I have been lurking a bit, and definitely have some time constraints on what I do.

Having said that, I do enjoy testing the various ROMs.

One job I would like to volunteer for that has not been suggested is a kitchen OEM builder. I am not very good around the ROM, but I do a mean UPX on programs (I have been able to access the latest UPX 2.92 beta to get the files working, and way down in size to load into my ROM), and I have a lot of interest in building OEM folders from cabs. I do need more pointers on how to build shortcuts, though (for whatever reason, instructions received have not yet worked).

So, I will leave it to you, mr. PM: either a QA tester, or an OEM builder (who needs some pointers and instructions). In either role, not a lot of time, but definitely some and lots of interest and enthusiasm to boot.

Just let me know which role you want filled.