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Re: Ringtones & Wallpaper on the Memory Card????

You need to change the directory in the registry...

Go here...


And change the 'Sound' directory location from "\My Documents\..." (or "\Windows\..." if you're using a standard ringtone) to "\Storage Card\*music_directory*\*music_file*.MP3".

That will change your ringtone to whatever you want it to be, while keeping it on your storage card. Do NOT open the 'Phone' program in 'Settings' though, or it will overwrite the reg edit.

As for a more permanent solution, I can't find anything that is working at the moment, but I'll keep poking around. I'm looking into the templates as well.

Edit: For the template...


Change the 'Skin' directory location just like above. I've not tested the template change, however I HAVE tested the ringtone change. I don't see any permanent solution at the moment.
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