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Re: Great app to turn off the screen

Alright, color me noobish, but the WMP 10.3 (the stock version cooked in with the PPCKitchen I think) shuts off when I toggle my phone off with the "power" button and sometimes will not come out of sleep mode! I checked the options screen and all its tabs and see no toggle to allow it to play in the sleep mode. TCPMP will also pause the music when toggled to sleep. I've also check into all the options pages and see no toggle to remain on when "sleeping". It will always come back on with the toggle unlike WMP for me.

If you know how to allow them to play while sleeping (but not do the reg edits as I live in fear of leaving the music playing and draining the battery to 0% as I'm on call frequently and my phone is my pager) I'd love the info!

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