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copying music to sd card

i purchased a transcend 4gb 150x sd card because it was 1. bigger then the ones i can get locally 2. faster supposedly

my problem is this - my brother printer mfc 210c reader will recognize and copy to my soon to be returned PNY 2gb (11mb in 31 secs) however my reader will ot even recognize the trascend card when i put it in, so i tried to copy straight to sd card via treo and the 11mb took 1:26 mins. is there a way to fix this or do i have to return the 4gb (would like to keep for the space)?

thanks for everyones help

followup: i copied the same 11mb file straight to treo with the PNY card in it and it copied at 43secs still faster then the so called 150x trascend card, so something is difinately funny - maybe there is a way to format the trascend to see if that fixes it before i have to return the 4gb card
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