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SPB Backup and Mogul

Hey guys, I got a new mogul the other day through insurance because of water damage to my old mogul. I made sure to download SPB backup as I had heard it was the best and would do everything I needed it to. I did a full backup to my storage card on the old mogul and then a full restore back from the same storage card onto the new device. Everything seemed fine until I went to sync my phone via bluetooth to my car.....I received an error that said "Problem with Bluetooth hardware."

I performed a hard reset on the phone without doing the full restore and went to sync my mogul with the same bluetooth device and it worked fine without any errors. Anybody have experience with this issue? If not, anyone know what might be happening because I really would like to have my backup so that I can take advantage of various reg edits and programs made on the old phone so that I would not have to sit down and re-do them on my new phone. Thanks in advance!

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