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Re: Known Sources of Memory Leaks

Originally Posted by dearls View Post
LOL like the list and the comment about it running at all, and I am also very amazed that mine even turns on and runs
heres my list of installed

htc streaming blueray player
flash player7
extreme agenda
tcpmp cor player
spb phone suite
mundu radio
realone player
jbed with opera mini
vito sms chat
pointsoft sniffi
texas holdem
filebaracade locker
realone player
vito audio notes touch
pie for ie
skyfire browser (which kinda sucks)
pocket lobster tunes
divx player
logmein himachi
softick card export2
spb finance
dwizzys simple iphone theme
mito team paint
poorlyduck dialer
ac s2v
webcamera plus
spb gprs monitor
spb pocket plus
pocket digital clock
rc mod 2.1
findster wm6
google maps
live search
mmssize hack
expense diary
acrsoft mms
resco photo,file explorer & registry
and finally weather watcher
..........PHEW......... that only took 5 minutes to input here LOL
used many more but dontlikeem all (htc home) I like it but the memory leak problem just pisses me off...
You are truly a master of many softwares. I just wonder how you fit everything into your device. I think that a lot of us are like this. Sort of PackGeeks. We never throw anything away whether digital or physical. lol.
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