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Known Sources of Memory Leaks

First off, in addition to addressing my problem below, I think it would be nice to have a thread where people can post the names of programs (or combinations thereof) which they know to be the root of memory leaks. As it stands, the threads seem rather scattered, and even the search function doesnít make things much easier.

Iíve been noticing a memory leak on my Mogul (shocker, huh?). Iíll start up with roughly 24-24.5MB of RAM, but after opening and closing a few programs, Iíll drop down to around 16-17MB. Using Oxios, I can get this back up to around 22MB. However, by the end of the day, even after running Oxios, the most I can free up is 19MB. I am running the latest stock Sprint ROM and just recently performed a hard reset.

Back on my Q, Qtasks was usually the culprit which caused these leaks. Iím not sure what the equivalent on the Mogul is, if there is any. Iíve been reading about SKTools, anyone have anything good to say about that?

Here is a list of the programs I have installed pretty much exactly as they appear in the ďRemove ProgramsĒ list (looking at this list, Iím surprised the thing runs at allÖ):

Pointui Home (I donít use this very often)
Oxios Memory
SomeGuy sMMS
Lokmeup IE Slow Scroll Fix
Skunkworks FlashVideoBundle
Sprint PictureMail Site Hack
JUVS HTC Network Plugin
PocketCM Keyboard 0.14
WMWifiRouter 0.91
HTC Album
Google Maps
CodyPPC Camera2
PPCGeeks UnlockPhoneHack

On a possibly related note, my phone will sometimes not vibrate or sound an alert when I receive a text message. Iíll go into the audio settings and make sure the right audio file is selected, but even then, all it will sometimes do is activate the screen without sound. Originally, I thought it may have something to do with the 1600 text messages in the ďInboxĒ and ďSent ItemsĒ folders, but Iíve had more in there before and didnít have this problem.
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