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Re: I've spent too much time for nothing!

Thank you both for answering and for your know, a newbie has to read a lot into some of these posts because people 'in the know' tend to take some things for granted at times. One reason I chose dcd's rom was because one of them was built specifically for Qwest. I did some research on no2chem's and Nexvision (?) and they do say Qwest. When I go to the download file there is all kinds of carriers but no Qwest. I do realize that (for the mean time) we ride on Sprint's network but if I were to download Sprint's rom, what other flaky things am I going to run into and how many changes in the ##785# categories am I going to have to make? I know that there are people who do a lot of work to make these PPC's a whole lot better so I don't want to sound like I'm complaining but there isn't a lot of info specific to Qwest and when someone says to download this, it sometimes takes hours to find it only to be followed by download that which takes many more hours. I don't want to sound like I'm against doing research on my own, heck, I'll bet I've got a 100 hours in trying to make this phone better through learning from all of you and using your software. I would gladly give another 100 hours if I was confident that I could make some kind of progress. So far I've made things much worse than if I had left well enough alone. So, if someone in the know would like to help me by walking me through this after I have messed it up so much I would happily pay for the phone call and ? This PPC was supposed to replace my phone, pda, ipod as well as delay me purchasing a gps. If I or someone else can get to work well (and stable) I would be one very happy person.
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