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Re: How do I stop the screen turning itself back on

Originally Posted by MrBogard View Post
I've actually been searching for an answer to this too. It's mostly annoying when I have it plugged in to the USB, or AC adapter, because it won't turn the screen back off by itself. It will just sit there, on for hours. It's probably always done this, but I just recently noticed it. I think it either has to do w/ active sync or pocket outlook checking the mail. I'd love if I could figure out a way to keep active sync from automatically opening *ever*, even on boot.
Just change the power settings to turn off the device when using an external power source. Mine will come back on when on usb, but never on the ac or battery itself. But, I don't have Direct Push or it checking for email. However, I might not notice it due to the number of text messages I receive in a days time.
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