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Re: Mogul youtube/myspace video codec?

Im only extracting 1 file out of this zip file. What am i do n wrong. If you respond please kind with your words and dont assume that I should no what to do just because i have a smartphone ladies and gentlemen. Thanks for any reply with instrustion.......I downloaded to my device by draging and droping it to my phone via "My Computer" (ActiveSync)....Help, I want to watch some videos guys and gails. I've had this phone for one weeks and have made some minor upgrades like my today screen but thats all ive been able to do with ease. I dont no the first thing about a registry on the HTC6800. I want to get a flick scroll program for contacts,email, etc. Also, iphone interface or icube or iiiiiiisomething. I'm bot to go crazy. I thought it would be easy to transfer programs and upgrade but laaawwdd have meerccy.
Somebody please get a brotha started.
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