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Smile Re: Who's running a lot of programs..??

People keep mixing up the 256 megs of Storage for programs with the 64 Megs Ram. Installing programs in the 256 megs vs the MicroSD card does nothing to the 64 Megs Ram unless the application runs via a startup program or a registry change.

Memory leaks are another issue. I have been struggling to combat memory leaks for the last 6 months. Seem to have it finally battened down. I do use oxios (keep it on the Today screen, but I have found that with the current set of programs I do not see a memory leak anymore. Memory pops back up to 15 megs after I close running programs with Quickmenu X button or Zapit (currently assigned to a press of the Comm Manager button).

Using No2Chems 5060 Rom

Free Memory 15 Megs (stable) (was 24 megs following Rom install prior to all the apps added below)
Program Memory 94 Megs free

Quickmenu give a pretty nice battery/memory readout in the top right corner, may need to drop vistahide battery soon. although I do like the visual reminder.

Installed programs in main memory....

Netfront 3.5
Thunderhawk 2
Big button dialer
Quick Menu
CodyPPC Camera 2
Pocket Artist
Duttthroy TaskManager
Google Maps
Holux GPS Viewer
iNav iGuidance 4 (1.2 GB maps on microSD)
Esmertec Java
Finger Friendly Friends
Calendar + Mohairsoft
Opera 9
Double Launcher (Orthanc Software)
Oxios Memory
PDA Resources Zapit
Pocket CM Contacts (soon to be removed)
Pocket CM Keyboard 0.14
Pocketmax phonealarm
Pocktemax Phonealarm skin
Pointui Home
PPcgeeks Picsel
PPCsoft psShutXP
Quartz Dev Portamailcab
reensoft PIE plus
Resco Explorer
Resco Registry
Sharkey Softkey changer
Skunkworks Flashvideo Bundle
Slingplayer Mobile
SPB Backup
Spb Weather and skins
Spb Screenshot
Vibra Switch
Webis pocket informant
Youtube Play
VistaHide Battery
Vijays Toggle Screen Alpha
Refresh today screen
Remote Desktop
Nue Tools
SIP Change
Foxit Reader (faster than adobe)

Running Netfront 3.5 without issues, Picsel, Able to view videos, run GPS (not all at once).... with no out of memory errors.
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