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Must haves apps for the Treo 750....?

Must haves apps for the Treo 750....? OK, so the Treo 750 pocket PC phone is really a great productivity booster with mobile office, handwriting recogition (Transcriber or otherwise).

One of my personal favorites though is Audacity Digital Voice Recorder from There are several versions including a free one which I am currently evaluating. Installation was hasslefree and u can assign one of the hardware buttons to Audacity. I reassigned the side button (which launches media player by default) to the app.

I have found this usefull in meetings, during hikes or in traffic to capture ideas etc. Audacity is very flexible and only takes a little time to really begin to use the program, I have also found that the tech support folks are very responsive.

Other apps I am using include memmaid, microsoft reader, LingvSoft free english- Spanish Dictionary and Bible reader from Olive Tree (although I am not using this nearly as much as I should). Anyway, that's my 10 cents.
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