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Cool Re: Sprint Nav.

Originally Posted by topdawgn8 View Post
If you have an unlimited vision plan, you should be able to use Sprint Nav all you want.

JW, does anyone have a .cab for this program? I got rid of it and now I kind of miss it....

From the Sprint Navigation website, it appears that a $2.99 per day or $9.99 per month charge will be applied even if you have an unlimited data plan. Anyone have any comments on this ?? Following a month of use can anyone check their bill to see if additional charges are present even if you have an unlimite Sprint Data plan (and don't we all ??).

CORRECTION...... Found this online shortly after..... Appears that it is free with an unlimited data plan....
While Sprint currently offers the TeleNav GPS service as an application add-on for a $9.99 monthly subscription fee, Sprint Navigation will now be available directly through Sprint data plans.

The service will be included in the existing Sprint Power Vision Ultimate Pack and the Sprint Power Vision Business Pack data plans, as well as a new data plan called the Sprint Power Vision Navigation Pack. If you have a different data plan, you may still use the service a la carte, for a $2.99 per-day fee.
Get Sprint Navigation Now

Get directions, check traffic, and search for local businesses with Sprint Navigation on your phone! Get it now and your 1st day is free; additional usage will be $2.99 per day, or sign up for unlimited access at $9.99 per month.

To Download Sprint Navigation on your phone:

Ensure you have subscribed to a Sprint data plan*
Go to the web browser on your phone and search for "nav"
Click and download Sprint Navigation. Setup may require 3 – 5 minutes
*Note: A Sprint data plan is required for Sprint Navigation. With no data plan, you could incur additional data charges.

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