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Re: Refurbished

Originally Posted by ETphoneHOME View Post
Usually if they have to replace your phone due to a defect or question in quality, they will give you a refurbished one. This is normal. Bring it back to the repair center so that it does not count towards your three a year replacement. Now if you bought a brand new phone and it came to you in a refurbished condition then you complain.
This is my problem, the sprint store near me refuses to call in for a refurbished model, they keep saying that the backorder is preventing them from getting me anything. When i call on the phone, sprint tells me that i have to pay 50 bucks for a refurb... this sucks cause the sprint store wants to give me a touch and i dont want it, but im running out of options and these refurb stories are scaring me to death.
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