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My Vouge is CDMA..w/ a GSM housing :0)

Thats right my CDMA Vouge is now fitting into a GSM white housing and fully functional!!!
Oh the wonders of T5 torx screwdriver, small philips screwdriver, sand paper, soilder, wood burning kit(pencil tipped), needle nose pliars, and a 30 dollar GSM white touch housing kit. Quick HOW-TO underneith ***UPDATE***

Check it out!!!!! let me know what u think

***UPDATE***!!! While remodling out store and installing the new tile on Sat, April 5th after closing hours, one of the installation works STOLE my beautiful new creation :0(. The good new is, I found the guy he imediatly sold it to,but not second guy he inturned sold it to. Tracking down Mr. Jose Ramagos Hernandez Jr. I was able to convince him that I had security footage from the store that showed him taking my phone (Lie); So the deal ended in me not calling the cops if he would pay me full retail pricing for the phone, in which he did. In conclusion, though now phoneless, I am $499.99 richer and doing a "lost" claim on my Vouge today!!!

As Far as step by step instructions go, it was kinda trial and error, but this is pretty much what I did:

Remove housings from CDMA touch

Removed buttons (power,cam,volume slider)

Remove board.

Removed plastic screen from CDMA front housing (with touch screen ribbon attached **BE CAREFULL TO NOT BEND THE COPPER TIPS!! This ribbon does not "un clip" at the white boxing on board, the ribbon simply pulls out**)

Set screen and touch screen ribbon (including green/red/dpad hard keys) into new GSM housing(you have to RE-adhesive the border of the screen into the housing..super glue is fine..but thin coats,so you dont have overrun onto the screen)

Carefully re-insert ribbon

Remove earpiece speaker from CDMA housing ,place into GSM cabinet. Be sure to face the gold prongs the correct direction or you will not beable to hear through this device correctly!

Manipulate button arms (power, cam) to fit securly into new GSM middle housing (arms must sit flush into cabin so the board will be allowed to sit flush as well

*heres where the rigging starts!*The volume sliders arms will not reach the volume tab in the new casing, either you lose function, or you can do as i did and glue "extensions" onto either the slider or the actual key (recommend the slider)

Take your CDMA board and shave it down,stopping half way down the gold stripe that lines the board(do not shave completely through the gold liner) on the left hand corner, top, and right hand corner. *This allows the board to now fit correctly into the GSM cabinet!

Match up the new GSM cabinet (middle black housing) and board.
Using a burning kit (I used a pencil tipped woodburner), cut away at any plastic that stops your board from sitting flush. Be sure to smooth and flatten the burned areas, extra and burned plastic can build up ,creating new bulky areas.

Reassemble phone. (Make sure screws are tight,but be cautious of over tighting and stripping)

Turn on and test!!!!!

I hope this helps.... is the scale tip worthy? Im not sure, but I guess I'll find out!

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