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Re: Switching between landscape and portrait slowdowns

Originally Posted by midiology View Post
if you are running one of the earlier oem roms, you could go into the registry using phm or resco registry editor...go to hkey_local_machine\system\gdi\glyphcache and look for the dword limit,,, change the dec value to 8096, that increases some of the vectoring cache for characters and whatnot..,
I wouldnt go past that though,, above that it eats more precious memory, and really doesnt give any more performance,,,
mine was at 6144, i changed it to 8096 and it seemed to help with the landscape/portrait switch

not sure about it though if your running a newer or cooked rom,, most of them Ive ran across have already had this done...

just be sure to look first,, and see what its setting at,, and make sure you back up your registry key before doing this,,,
just in case...
I'm on the latest official Sprint rom.
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