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Re: Power Button Problem

Yup, and so I did. Not in the full meaning, I just levered the button using screwdriver and I pulled it till it popped out. Unfortunately, the inner button isn't working as well [oh, yeah, it's working 1 in 10 times I click it, looks like an electronic problem to me] and also: the outside button didn't want to come back in its place and I had to shorten it.
Well, it's time to find some new phone, maybe.. [a battery discharging when connected, this button, I can't remove messages, cause they're back after soft reset <- but it removes newer messages, phone stopped giving any sound when ringing, any mms is coming few hours and sometimes hangs the device, few buttons like 'delete' or '!' aren't working and 'fn' won't unclick so easily, and so on..]

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