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Re: **Most Popular/Wanted Iphone Apps**

Originally Posted by kevinwallace View Post
Great list of iPhone apps you shared here. All these apps are popular and interesting.
Originally Posted by GirlGoneGeek View Post
  • RDP - Remote Desktop Your Computer From Your Iphone
  • Palringo - Chat with other Palringo users. Be sure to join the group PPCGeeks
  • Skype - Chat with your Skype friends from your Iphone
  • iheartradio - Free Radio (same as BB)
  • eReader - Read books online
  • google earth
  • pandora
  • chipotle (order from your phone)
  • flixster (awesome movie app)
  • shazam
  • i****tail (shows you how to make lots of mixed drinks with pix)
  • Bing
  • classics2go collection - FREE app, has 60 books including the odyssey, the illiad, huck finn, tom sawyer, illustrated "christmas carol" , Dracula, Pride and Prejudice and a lot more
  • TextPlus - Free, unlimited group texting anywhere in the world, app to app (Also Available on Android)
  • TweetDeck / Twittelator / TwitPic - All Top Twitter Apps
  • I Am T-Pain - Sing into your Iphone and be auto tuned like T-Pain
  • Facebook / FB Fun - Easy access using the facebook icon to all your new notifications and updates
  • Zinio - Magazine and Book reader
  • EzList Plus - Creative Notes/Tasks with different Templates to choose from
  • Ebay - Shop and Browse Ebay from your Iphone
  • jibbigo - type or say in english and it says it in another language.
  • redlaser - scan barcode on product or merchandise and it shows better prices elsewhere.
  • opera mini - is really great alternative web browser which is very fast, much faster than safari IMO
  • card counter - for those black jack players. teaches you how to count cards.
  • flash photo - i really love this app because since iphone doesnt have flash on camera it takes picture and automatically brightens it
  • gps drive - another fantastic app which its gps does a turn by turn with voice.
  • scanner 911 - police, firefighter and emt live scanner.
  • voice alarm - speaks for itself
  • facecall - click on picture instead of name by the way picture almost takes up whole screen which for me is good.
  • Photostudio - Awesome photo editing app on the iPhone, this is a must have!
  • All in one gamebox - Just a bunch of games that are bundled into one...super cheap!
  • Hipstamatic Camera - This is a toy camera simulator that takes awesome retro photos, this is a must have as well.
  • Sex Offenders - shows you all the registered sex offenders in your area.
  • Monopoly-Here & Now: The World Edition. Carla plays it at least once a day.
thanx for the list of app for iphone, but does these app suite for every iphone system,especially barcode app? mine is ios6.7
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