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anyone sec/sim unlock their TP2 lately?

Just checking since I emailed the htc-unlock site and had no response last week . Yes I know the phone is old... and I'm still using it. But I'll be going to Alaska in the spring and from what I've been told, sprint doesn't work well there but ATT does. I wanted to stick an ATT sim card into the TP2 while I'm there so I need to unlock it for domestic sim cards. I know about the htc-unlock site but I'm not sure if it is still supported since I got no response. Has anyone done it lately (in 2013)?

or have an unlocked touch pro 2 that is still in good condition? I'd offer to trade mine for it (and a little cash for it being unlocked). Or if you just want to let it go and give it to me... .

Long shot I know, but I'm posting here instead of xda since I like you guys more . I'll post over there in January if I don't get a response here in a month or so.
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