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Re: Android on LG Fathom - 3G/Wifi/Bluetooth

Originally Posted by hero121 View Post
Dear mangatron
Thanks for support.
I have again tested as per you. and it got booted. but there is no Google play, and no way to make an account for google synchronization.
No 3G data working.
At present I have also a working android downloaded from some where not in my memory. but it is working better. not workings are :
1. 3 g data
2. no incoming calls, SMS.
it can connected to Internet through wi fi, but not with with 3g sim connection.
I have downloaded and tested it so that It may have 3g data support, but it is more poor than which already I have.
Any way thanks for support and waiting for your further development.
Hi, 3G does not work with Cyanogenmod, only Nexus rom. Also, Google Play was removed from ROM, because Google Apps were removed. Please get here, or read here.

And, one other bit I've been meaning to share with everyone, recently my Nintendo DS Lite met it's end after 7 years of faithful service, so I was pretty distraught until I remembered the DS emulator for Android. Guess what? It actually runs great on our Fathom! Even better, any game that does not rely on 3D graphics is perfectly fine on our Fathom (with sound enabled!), which is a huge portion of the DS library, and the best part is: our Fathom's are practically the only Android phone besides the Samsung Galaxy Note line with precise stylus input, making DS gaming even more exciting!! I even tried mapping keys using the hardware keyboard, perfect in every way :victory:

If you are interested in playing Nintendo DS games on your Fathom, you'll need:

-Cyanogenmod November 26 2012
-Drastic r2.1.6.1a (the version that I tested)
-DS game (cannot help you with this)

Have fun, and remember to keep an eye on those temperatures!
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