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Re: Whitestone Android It Booted!!!

Originally Posted by fordnfishin View Post
Alright...I have packaged together exactly what allows android to boot on my device.

1. Download this file
2. Unzip
3. Open the unzipped folder and leave on desktop of pc
4. connect your device to activesync
5. Choose the explore your device feature
6. Choose your sd card, then stop and leave open
7. Drag only the contents, not the folder that says take it out of this...., but just the contents into your sd card on your desktop (refer to attatched photo)
8 Disconnect the phone
9 Open wm file explorer and navigate to sd card
10 Click Haret
11 Wait a long period of time for it to boot

If I helped hit thanks please.
help...i cant download the file...i need the file...i am also having the reboot problem...pls help me...
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