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Guardian Cross [2.0.1]

This is a form of RPG combat with pretty much like Yugi-oh. Here you will see the familiar names in the line FF and Square Enix's other games: Shiva, Ifrit, Bahamut, and the legendary Gilgamesh, ...

Features of Guardian Cross:

Each card will have the rare and different, different strengths and weaknesses by the Normal level - Rare - Super Rare - UltraRare - Ultimate etc. .. (Depending on the specific role will be assigned a different name or more details as Normal - Normal - R - VR - SR - UR ....) levels expressed stars 1 star, 2 stars, 3 stars ...
In addition, each card also has other attributes such as Fire - Ice - Lightning - Darkness.
All categories Battle Card Game of this line are the same game is to collect cards to fill collection (tasks, events, invite friends, dialing, hunting, etc. ..). Pick out some of the most powerful and Deck Deck to use "war" (Through the map, do missions, arena, friendly matches with you) then make up the cards through earning scores, evolution (Added 2 leaves similar to evolution), Enhance (sacrifice cards to increase the level waste, increase the index for tobacco)
The genre is storming the Japanese market, and of course, the class Square Enix does not need introduction, advertising or anything more about the story and the game play, the beauty of the leaves of Artwork all ahead.

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