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Wifi connection issue with 7"Ampe A73,Tablet PC,RK2928,Android 4.1.1,1ghz/8ghz

I am having trouble connecting my 7"Ampe A73,Android 4.1.1,Tablet PC,to my Sprint/Boost,HTC Touch ProII,WM6.5 with XDA-Wifi-Sharing(Wifi hotspot).

The tablet recognizes other Wifi sources,but not my TP2's.

The TP2 hotspot is obviously working,becouse my Acer1 is using it to connect to the web as I'm typing this.

Anyone with an idea on how to repair this issue??

A step-by-step walk through would be greatly appreciated,as I'm more a silver surfer than tech savy programer.
Thank You.
Sprint HTC Touch Pro II on Boost Mobile($35,unlimited,shrinkage plan),with XDA Wifi hotspot,Opera Mini 5.1.,Opera Mobile 10 .
Ampe A73,Fashion version 7",Tablet PC,Android 4.1.1,RK2928,1ghz,WVGA,8ghz.
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