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Re: Sprint PPC6600 won't stay on when plugged into USB any more

Battery made the most sense, but I decided to try it out. Turned the phone on and left it sitting on my desk. It has been sitting here since 7:47PM of the 13th. 4 full days later, battery is only down to 85%. I'm kind of surprised the battery is in such good shape because my much newer phones are usually almost empty after 4-days. Oh, and it's interesting that it will stay on (in standby) while on battery, but on the charger it turns itself completely off after awhile to where it has to boot up.

I guess it's not the battery, but I'm stumped what it could be. I noticed the charge LED was off when I pulled the phone off the charger, but battery was still 100% like it must have been trickle-charging (hadn't touched it in months). If it's turned on, the charge LED works as expected. Weird. Only thing I can think of is maybe it doesn't like the charger voltage.
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