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Re: Slightly OT: Universal Voice Lag in all Cell Phones?

Originally Posted by strung View Post
There is inherent lag with voice calls on cellular phones, and it's compounded when both sides of a conversation are cell phones. In that scenario there's about 300ms delay from one phone to the other. For cell to land line it's half that.

Also, things like Wifi and VoIP calling tend to add more lag.
Thanks for the reply. Interesting in that it's been 3 years since I posted this, but this problem is just as bothersome now as in the past.

I am still with Verizon, although no longer on an Alltel-grandfathered plan, but the lag hasn't changed at all.

Again, perhaps I'm more sensitive to it than others, but I hate calls on my cell phone because of it - we are constantly talking over each other, and I'm tempted to say "over" to indicate whose turn it is to speak...

I read about possible "HD" quality voice transmission coming. I wonder if this will make the lag better or worse!

Edited to Add:
Ironically, we now have Time Warner's Digital Voice, which presumably is a flavor of VOIP, going through our Internet Connection, but the lag here is dramatically better than with my cell phone, and seems essentially comparable to a conventional land line.

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