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Fathom underclock, or process CPU limit?


Is it possible to overclock/underclock the Fathom?
It looks like there are no such apps for this CPU out. Only OMAP, xScale, Samsung and Qualcomm MSM7xxx series are supported. (Not MSM8650)

My problem is that iGo8 and similar programs make 100% CPU load. When running from external power, the CPU runs faster, and gets really hot.
So hot that the battery charging is stopped to prevent battery overheat.
This is annoying and obviously kills the battery sooner or later.
There are multiple possible solutions:

1. Underclock the CPU
2. Prevent the OS from switching to higher speed if running from external power 3. Limit the CPU time available for such processes (not a priority question, I'd like the CPU actually sleeping, even if that process wants to run continuously) 4. Find a patch to iGo8 that reduces CPU usage

Any ideas? Thanks...
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