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Re: [TESTING] XDAndroid GBX0C 2.3.7 Build

Originally Posted by ADW View Post
I'm getting terrible battery life, like only two or three hours, and there is a huge difference between what WinMo reports and what Android says (like WinMo will say the battery is at 5%, while Android says it's at 96%).

Mind you, I was getting poor battery life on Fryo too. I replaced the battery not too long ago, while still on Fryo, so I don't think the battery itself is bad. I'm planning to wipe and reload GB and run it for a while with no widgets or any other customization, and see if some widget is the problem. Any other suggestions?
As the issue of poor battery life has been beaten into the ground in the android rom threads; I sugest that if battery life is important do not use an SD based android rom on this phone.

Try something that has been worked on in the last year like this nand rom

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