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Re: [TESTING] - NAND OMGB (1.2.3)

I dont understand nothing now.
No step by step tutorial at all.
I have HTC touch pro 2 , Energy rom installed.
Tried FRX07.1 running from SD and GBX from SD and lot of things didnt work.Now i read 2 days already how to flash NAND and no luck.In first post says it's simple well it is not.


  1. Make sure you have a charged battery (at least 70% in WinMo)!!!
  2. Must already have ADB working (Make sure you have all the drivers installed).
  3. Must have Fastboot working (related to ADB...)
  4. Be able to accurately report issues!!!
  5. Must have some knowledge on how to flash images!!! (using recovery)

1 OK
2 I downloaded ADB is that all ?
3 What is fastboot and how to check is it working
I have expirience in flashing win mo roms , tried android earlier but gave up

  1. Place the all zip files on your SDCARD
  2. Place the recovery.img in your Fastboot folder
  3. Flash the new NBH, LK will load (USB must be plugged in prior to starting)
  4. Open a CMD window and cd to your Fastboot folder
  5. Erase everything to start out fresh... (Not necessary if you performed a Task29)
1 ok
2 Where is that folder ?
3 how to flash ??

Is there any step by step guide how to flash HTC touch pro 2.

Thank you !!
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