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Re: [TESTING] - NAND OMGB (1.2.3)

I always thought that flashing radio required the security switch turned off, i haven't paid for that yet so I've stayed away from flashing radios

I was able to flash the 185kb nbh after using the 3mb nbh. I don't know why but I needed to. But I was able to flash via USB as well, not just sd card. I think my problem first with sd card flashing was i needed to reformat it, it worked after i did this.

The newest CWM seems to not work for me however, I got it flashed but when I go to recovery, it doesn't let me select anything, I'm not sure if the end call key is still enter but I could move selection up/down with volumn but it couldn't select anything to perform an action

I had the phone working with WM before doing thing, the slow speeds was just sprint >.>

Any ideas how to get gps lock faster? Even using the gps status app to download the agps data it still took about 2-3 minutes for a lock, on your sd card android it locked a bit faster, in like 30-60 seconds. I did use the gps patch on first post

edit: at first I did try the usb flashing since the readme said to "Flash the new NBH, LK will load (USB must be plugged in prior to starting)" so I saw the usb part and assumed it meant flash via usb

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